Authenticity Meets Integrity

My Story

My Roots

A Texan native, I was born and raised in San Antonio.

I had an incredible childhood. I was raised by parents who loved me, supported me, and sacrificed whatever was necessary to give me the opportunity to make it where I am today. Their sacrifices have and always will be a driving contributor to my why.

My parents are the children of immigrants, and the same values instilled in them were instilled in me. Integrity, respect for others, and the value of hard work. Three very simple principles, but critical beliefs that my parents taught me, and more importantly, showed me by their example.


Early Hustles

Some people aspire to be entrepreneurs, but that wasn’t me. 
I never thought of myself as a hustler then, I just did what I had to.

There was no ask mom and dad for a couple extra bucks, because most of the time there wasn’t a couple extra bucks. So I did it- I mowed the lawns, detailed cars, and flipped things on craigslist long before it was cool. I made those couple extra bucks happen, because I had to and that’s how I learned the value of resourcefulness.

I didn’t live the typical college student life either, and I’m incredibly grateful of that. In my 4 years at University, I graduated with a Double BBA in Management and Marketing, while also working full-time. I took no less than 15 credit hours a semester, went to summer school, spent 12 hours a week in the library, and worked another 40 hours between my two jobs.


Clouds & Dirt

Upon graduating I set some personal goals and very strict deadlines for myself, which is why in 2012 
I quit both of my jobs. Instead, 
I invested every dollar I had managed to save, and started 
my first company.


I fell flat on my face.

I’ve always been incredibly resilient though, and from failure I learned all of the right lessons. They showed me why I wasn’t ready then, and they prepared me for the next time around. So after 6 long months and minimal success, I got a new job. I put my head down and spent the next 3 years testing theories, honing my skills, and out performing anyone I went up against. I stayed patient, and made sure that anyone who trusted me with/in their business would be glad they did.

By 2015, I was crushing it in what I thought was my dream job. I had actually been moonlighting an additional 40 hours a week on contract for roughly 3 months as well. I really did love my job, but I saw a problem. The only thing I knew at that time was that I had everything I thought I wanted, yet when I looked ahead, I realized I was walking down a path I knew I’d regret 10, 20, 40 years later.

The Decision

Something in me knew it was time, and that the only way forward meant I had to take a step back. So once again I quit my job and threw away my safety net – a great salary, vacation days, and benefits. No savings and uncertain what was coming next, I took a leap of faith.

It was simultaneously the most electrifying thing, and most terrifying thing I’ve ever done, but I knew I possessed the 3 things I needed to be successful – results, reputation, and resilience. While part of me wishes I could tell you the entrepreneurial journey is easy, the truth is that it’s been anything but. Starting and building a business is full of emotional turmoil – the failures, disappointments, sleepless nights and uncertainty. Combine that with the excitement and fulfillment that also comes with it, and you have the craziest emotional roller coaster you’ll ever experience during your professional career.


The one thing I’ve learned above all else however, is that it’s an incredible feeling when you’re living a life of passion.

I was honestly living it everyday in my previous job, but discovering your purpose is like opening pandora’s box. Somewhere along the way I realized my purpose and the rest, as they say, was history.