Hi There, I'm Stefan.

A native Texan, a 4th generation Entrepreneur, and a self-proclaimed chocolate chip cookie connoisseur. I also dabble in private investments.


My Mission

I grew up surrounded by business owners and entrepreneurs. It taught me at an early age that there’s always more than one way to reach a goal. It also established a deep rooted passion for helping businesses I believe in. Why? Simple, I know that behind every business I work with, there are good men and women building a dream for their families and the world around them just like my family growing up. 

15 years later I’m more passionate than ever when it comes to helping businesses. I’ve consulted them, invested in them, started them, and still own a few that focus solely on serving other organizations. I can’t help every business out there, but my mission is and always has been to help as many as I can. My secret is treating every client business like it’s my own.


I don’t know about you, but I appreciate working with those who know what failure tastes like, so let me give you the short version. I’ve crushed it solo, lost it all, rebuilt from the ground up, and always rolled with the punches.

Turns out that growing up as a 4th generation entrepreneur was the greatest thing that ever happened to me. 

My core beliefs:

Human Connection


There is no silver bullet but connecting on a human-to-human level is the closest you’ll ever get.



Marketing without sales accountability is obsolete because marketing should be run like a business.

Accurate Data

Data doesn’t lie, humans do. Although data is full of stories, it can also be easily manipulated or spun.


Clients & Colleagues.

Hunter Mefford

Chief Marketing Officer,
Advanced Recovery Systems, LLC

"Stefan Fincias has a strong set of traits that can amplify any organization's reach and impact. He has the will to succeed anywhere and the resilience to win in any enterprise. Stefan is a marketing and sales maven with the unique ability to skillfully architect and execute campaigns to market and sell anything on any platform, to any audience from concept to completion."

Sarah Mayer

Director of Development
and Accounts at VGCA

Stefan's thorough understanding of marketing and sales cycles, as well as the technologies involved end-to-end. He is incredibly passionate about brand and story and ensuring those elements are always connected to how clients market, while bringing focus and strategy that ultimately drives revenue.

Brian Price

Chief Executive Officer,
Leafy Legal Services

I've had the opportunity to work with Stefan in a few occasions and every time he always exceeds my expectations. He's has a real eye for business and marketing strategy and can help with any project that I threw at him. He's a real pleasure to work with and has always been a massive help. I look forward to working with Stefan in the near future.